Digital Telephone Hybrid-SHUANGLN

Digital Broadcast Telephone Hybrid

SLTC series Telephone Hybrid is specially designed to meet the need for access and manage of the hotline. It applies for communications between Audience and Program in many occasions, such as live show broadcasting in Radio and TV station, telephone conference, telephone recording and signal return, etc.


Main Features:

Based on chipset technology, support 4 telephone lines input simultaneously and support separately control, easy operation for cut-in and cut-out.

Support 2-party or multi-party talks between Hosts, Audiences.

Support operations of Hold-on, Conference, Hang-up, etc. 

Support Audio

Can realize sharing one set hotline equipment for 2 studios.

Special switchers to remove side tones to avoid the noise and assure the sound quality.

Inserted intercom, microphone and speakers included in director and host control panel.

Director-off mode is for presenter to auto answer and switch.

Effective in Anti-Lighting situation.



SLTC-2104D 4 telephone lines in, 1AES3 digital input and output, 1 AES3 digital stereo balanced output

SLTC-2104D-RCP, Remote control panel

SLTC-2104   4 telephone lines in, 1Analogh stereo balanced input and output

SLTC-2104-RCP, Remote control panel


Technical Specifications:

Input Impendence

AES from studio,110 Ω ,0dB, 6.35mm 3pin

Output Impendence

AES to studio,110 Ω ,0dB, 6.35mm 3pin.Analog, 600Ω, -10dB,6.35mm 3pin.Intercom Analog, 8Ω, unbalanced, -10dB,6.35mm 3pinSample rate in: adaptive32,44.1,48,96K, out: 48K

Quantify precision





≥70dB (line noise not included

Side tone suppression



180-240V 0.5A 10W

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