Sound as Mellow,Funky,Cool but Hot, and in a Jazzy Brazilian Style.

IBB / Immigrant's Bossa Band / イミグランツ ボッサ バンド

Immigrant's Bossa Band
■ Immigrant's = 移民の ■ Bossa = 傾向、感覚 ■ Band = バンド

“Mellow & Funky! Cool but Hot! Jazzy Brazilian Sound”。
そして “伝わる”ライブをキーワードに結成された和製ブラジリアン・ジャズバンド。2006 年 「Sustained Affection」でデビュー。
以後 6 枚のフルアルバムをリリース。
前 Vocal&Guitar-Rayが2009年脱退、2011年Drums-Tatsuが脱退、新たに Vocal-Shoco、Guitar-Isao、 Drums-山際秀人が加入し、2013 年 7 月、Playwright レーベルより"NEW DAY"を発売。
活動10周年を迎える2016年、約3年振りとなる待望のニューアルバム”Like This, Like That”を、
前作に引き続き Playwright よりリリース。

Mellow & Funky! Cool but Hot! Very touching Jazzy Brazilian sound!

”Immigrant's Bossa Band” is the Japanese Brazilian Jazz band formed by leader & percussionist ”NOBU”.
They have appeared on enormous festivals & club event such as ”Routine Jazz (DJ Kei Kobayashi)” ”World Standard (DJ Tatsuo Sunaga a.k.a Sunaga t experience)” ”Tokyo Jazz 2006 Pre Live” and Important live venues ”Billboard Fukuoka” ”Jz Brat”.
They have released 4 albums & included in many compilation albums.

2006/Achieved No,1 chart success on radio station(J-wave)
2007/Achieved No,1 chart success in the famous Japanese record shop Dance Music Records.
2009/Studio live broadcasted on British magazine ”Monocle”'s website.

2009/ Ray (ex-Vocal/ Gt) withdrew from this band, and Isao (Gt) and Shoco (Vo) joined in 2010.

5th album "NOVA" released in 2010.
6th album "NEWDAY" released in 2013.
7th album "Like This,Like That." released on 5th Oct 2016.


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